some quotes that i really liked from an article/interview abt paralytic stalks by of montreal

the first one maybe isn’t so brilliant standing alone. or maybe the second isn’t either (the subject of that one is having passion.)

but paralytic stalks is my favourite of montreal album, and one that i feel could speak about me and my own mind better than i could (especially as a creative type). so any insight about this album is stunning and important to me. it resonates deeply with me, some parts of it almost to the point where it’s a bit creepy, like these are things i’d say about myself that i wouldn’t have have expected anybody else to express as well.

so i suppose that’s proof that this album has done what kevin barnes wanted, at least for me. it’s something that makes me feel far less alone.



Cremaster 5: Ursula Andress as the Queen of Chain, COURT OF CHAIN, 1997, gelatin-silver print in acrylic frame

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a random sketch sheet from yesterday actually ended up producing two pretty good erotic scenes. though i censored them for comic effect. and so i can post them in places where, if you googled my name, i would come up. the uncensored version…… might indeed exist somewhere on the internet. for now, just enjoy this. if you can.

8th stick and poke on myself! it’s not done yet, as you can see there’s a cat scratch in the way of where i still need to tattoo some laurels (i was impatient to tattoo this one so i figured i’d do it in two stages.) i used a 3RL tattoo needle on this and it came out beautifully. (and as with all my tattoos so far, the design is my own)


Anonymous asked:

Where did you get Damon Albarn fabric??


oh i custom ordered it from 


the-modified-world asked:

I must say that your stick and poke guide is one of the best I've seen, most others give such bad advice and it gives s&p's a bad rap when they can turn out good if done right


hey thank you! i really want to encourage others to do safe and high quality stick and pokes cause it’s a great art form. so this is very nice to hear!


Gustave Doré - Paradise Lost - The Fall of Lucifer

With heads, hands, wings, or feet, pursues his way, And swims, or sinks, or wades, or creeps, or flies.

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